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MTS - Markovitz’s tactical system was founded in 2020 by Nadav Markovitz, former COO and CSO at various security oriented companies, with a proven track record of 14 years in the HLS and security industry in Israel alongside global activity.


MTS vision is to provide quick and agile problem solving services customized to the client’s needs. We keep our services “Simple, quick, comprehensible” and integrate the client in the entire procedure until full integration and satisfaction.


Simple, quick and comprehensible - achieved by harnessing natural advantages that are found in the client’s organization and enhancing them by implementing the MTS principals.

We believe that in that way, minimum interference will bring maximum results and each worker will be incorporated in defending the organization from either domestic or foreign threats.

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Victory usually goes to the army who has better trained officers and men.

- Son Tsu

Nadav Markovitz, CEO and Founder


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